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Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System

Tommee Tippee has baby changing equipment to make nappy disposal a quicker, safer and altogether easier experience. Our nappy bins use an ingenious patented design to individually wrap every nappy, sealing it away in antibacterial, odour-control film. No more whiffs, no more trailing outside to the bin, just one quick twist and more precious time with your baby.

Now in the trendy colour of pink & teal the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec comes in colours to co-ordinate with baby. Beautifully styled to blend in with the soft and gentle design theme of baby’s nursery, the nappy disposal system offers you all the anti-bacterial protection and odour control you have come to expect from Sangenic but in a uniquely coloured tub.

The tub holds up to 28 nappies too, conveniently storing nappies for fewer trips to the bin. The system is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to empty, meaning you can spend less time changing and more time with baby.

Key features
· Twists & wraps each nappy to lock in odour

· Antibacterial film kills 99% of germs on contact and offers unbeatable odour protection

· 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks+

· Comes with one pre-loaded film cassette

· Holds up to 28 nappies at one time *Based on using size 1 nappies (2-5kg) + tested against leading supermarket brand nappy sacks

Simplee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin

The Tommee Tippee new Simplee Sangenic Nappy Disposal bin is suitable for the disposal of nappies, cotton wool, wipes and sanitary products.
The Simplee Sangenic nappy disposal bin with multi-layer film and smart seal lid is the simple, convenient and easy way to keep your baby’s room clean, safe and smell-free whilst saving you numerous trips to the outside bin! Suitable for nappies, wipes and all other Changetime mess!

Key features
Multi-layer film and smart seal lid blocks all odours
Film contains anti-bacterial ingredient that kills 99% of germs
Each refill can dispose of up to 180 nappies*
Comes with one pre-loaded film cassette
Bin holds up to 18 nappies at one time* (*based on size 1 nappies (2-5kg))

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July 20, 2016

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