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Nuby Pacifier Story

March 2, 2017

Nuby Natural Flex Cherry Pacifier • The Nuby Natural Flex Cherry Pacifier has a classic cherry silicone baglet and the advanced hygienic air system reduces skin irritation • The Pacifiers oscillating movement mimics the natural flexing of the breast • All Silicone Pacifier • BPA Free   Nuby Citroganix Paci-wipes • Nûby™ Pacifier & Teether […]

Are you a dummy if you give Baby a dummy

By Sister Lilian for Baby City 2017 The most important thing one needs to understand the difference between ‘sucking’ and ‘suckling’ – the former is what happens when using a bottle or dummy teat, while suckling is the reflexive bio-emotional survival activity that takes place at a mother’s breast. If suckling is encouraged from the […]

What a special time pregnancy is!

January 30, 2017

By Sister Lilian Pregnancy is a time for celebration – of new life, of expectancy, of families coming into being, of growing the next generation. It is a time of optimism and looking ahead, of creativity and a spurt of planning energy. Excitement and anxiety often go hand in hand, and at times there seem […]

Win a Yookidoo Rooster “Shake Me” Rattle and Pull Along Whistling Duck

Pull Along Whistling Duck, (Ages 1-3yrs) The 2-in-1 favorite pull toy! Hours of fun with the pull along whistling duck that whistles and sings as its pulled along. Stops singing when not in motion. Patented. · A battery operated whistling duck that whistles and sings when pulled along. · 2 in 1 Toy – Bead […]

Expressing Breast Milk

Most moms will express milk at one or other time in their ‘breastfeeding career’; whether because Baby is in a neonatal unit and they need to keep up their milk supply, they aren’t always around to feed Baby, illness prevents breastfeeding for a time, they need to return to work, their nipples hurt from faulty […]

Orchard Foods

December 12, 2016

Orchard Baby & Toddler Foods was born out of the need to provide babies and toddlers with naturally nutritious meals, that contain no junk or preservatives. Each meal is carefully prepared in small batch quantities to ensure that each jar gets the love and attention it deserves, using only farm fresh vegetables that are delivered […]

Holiday fun in the sun

Summer days should be filled with family happiness, fresh air and sunshine. Sister Lilian gives you pointers to make the most of the holidays. Travel savvy sets the tone These five points will get your holiday off to a good start: 1. Buy inexpensive, special toys that you only bring out in the car or […]

More than a metal

November 2, 2016

Over and above being a precious metal and a valuable commodity, silver has been found to have remarkable healing attributes. Conventional doctors use colloidal silver as a balm for burns and wounds and as an anti-bacterial coating in the lining of catheters. Homeopaths and holistic practitioners have always trusted silver as a weapon in the […]

Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal System

July 20, 2016

Tommee Tippee has baby changing equipment to make nappy disposal a quicker, safer and altogether easier experience. Our nappy bins use an ingenious patented design to individually wrap every nappy, sealing it away in antibacterial, odour-control film. No more whiffs, no more trailing outside to the bin, just one quick twist and more precious time […]

Car Safety

July 4, 2016

The statistics speak for themselves, the number of child victims of road accidents is still too high. Risky driving, lack of respect for speed limits, or the lack of use of safety devices, that research has proven can significantly reduce the consequences of an accident. The most important safety device is certainly the car seat. […]

Happy Baby Happy Mom

June 9, 2016

Happy Family believes that health and happiness go hand-in-hand. All of the products are USDA certified organic and each product offers unique benefits for children at different stages. The product range includes pouches, snacks and cereals as follows: • Stage 1 Simple Combos pouches bring fruits and vegetables together in a healthy, delicious puree (i.e. […]

Winter health in little ones

May 30, 2016

By Sister Lilian 2016 © Winter is when coughs and colds rear their heads, throats burn, noses run and ears ache! This does not always signal a health crisis. In the early years of life, children are the most prone to airway and related infections.

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