Baby Brezza Formula Pro


Introducing Formula Pro, the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles.

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Product Description

Formula Pro: Hassle free Formula preparation: no measuring, no mixing, no fuss. Patented mixing technology: mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles. Temperature Control: Heats water to near body temperature, the optimal temperature for feeding baby.
Airtight Formula Storage: Holds 700g of formula powderto prepare 20 – 240ml bottles.
Removable Tank: Easy to fill and clean.
Versatile: Makes 60, 120, 180, 240, 300ml bottles.
Works with all bottle sizes, works with all formula brands and types, bottle preparation takes seconds.
Dimensions : Length – 386.08 mm Depth – 247.14 mm Width – 219.71 mm.