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Baby Aqueous Cream 500ml

Formulated by a pharmacist, endorsed by medical specialists
Tested to ensure the highest standards for baby care
Products available for every stage of life
So gentle and simple, even dads [...]

Baby Manicure Set

Safety scissors have comfort able handles and a round tip for added safety
The small nail clipper edges are curved for safer trimming
Emery boards are great to gently file [...]

Baby Wash Top To Toe

Recommended by most private maternity hospitals for use on newborns
Hypoallergenic, soap-free and non-drying
Designed for use on both hair and body
Contains the unique NO MORE TEARS formula that [...]

Baby’s Probio Oil

A revolutionary baby oil formula that does a whole lot more than you’d expect. Not only does it help baby’s delicate skin to eliminate infections caused by surface bacteria, but [...]

Benenetts Little Toothies

Bennetts Little Toothie Tooth Wipes are disposable wipes that are a safe, convenient and easy way to clean your baby’s or toddler’s teeth and mouth, when brushing is not [...]

Bennetts Baby Sunblock

For Babies and Toddlers
Has a convenient roll-on applicator that allows for easy application
Has undergone SPF-testing and has been assigned SPF40 certification
Offers both UVA and UVB protection

Bennetts Mozzie Stick

Can be used from birth to toddlers (for the whole family)
Apply on babies body and face (avoid contact with the eyes)
Apply every 6 hours
Apply on small [...]

Bennetts Perfumed Jelly 300g

Bennetts Perfumed Jelly 300g is a lightly fragranced Perfumed Jelly to use on babies skin.

Cherubs Classic Quad Pack 4 x 80′s

1. Moistured for gentle but thorough cleansing
2. Helps prevent nappy rash
3. Biodegradable& flushable
4 Value Pack with handles for convenience

Cherubs Cotton Buds 100′s

1. Gentle, cleansing cotton buds
2. Ideal for beauty & adult ear care
3. Flexible, unbreakable stems
4. 100% pure cotton buds

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