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Active Cup Winnie – Non Spill Spout

1.With a comfortably soft and non-spill NUK FIRST CHOICE silicone spout
2.With the NUK Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM that equalises pressure in the bottle and thus prevents any harmful air swallowing

Avent Magic Straw Cup 340ml

Completely interchangeable with entire Philips AVENT range
Leak proof – soft silicone straw with integrated leak proof valve
Easy activation – easy for the child to twist open and close [...]

B-Well Bottle Warmer

1. Preserve the goodness of expressed breast milk while gently heating it to about  34°C
2. Does not allow milk to cool and then reheat avoiding the destruction of [...]

B-Well Steam Steriliser

1. Natural sterilising with steam only – no chemicals needed which helps prevent thrush
2. Designed for busy moms – disinfecting of pump components and bottles at the click [...]

Baby Food Grinder

Turn any food into healthy, natural baby food in seconds
Veggies, fruit and meat are ground down to safe-to-swallow pieces
Fun, easy, compact and the perfect size for travelling
Healthy [...]

BabyGo Bottle Warmer

Non-electric & reusable
With a ‘snap’ of the disc the gel begins to crystallise and heat up immediately
Simply boil the warmer for 10 min to return it back to [...]

BabyGo The Wean Machine

The Wean Machine is the ideal accessory to ensuring fresh, organic and healthy food for your baby
Just fill, squeeze & feed
Small and compact enough to fit into any [...]

Baby’s First Food Weaning Spoons

1. Feeding Spoon for purées:

  • Develops good eating skills for babies who cannot yet squeeze their lips closed
  • Perfect depth to allow the infant to sweep the food into the mouth with [...]
Bambino Activa Evo High Chair

Adjustable and removable tray
Converts to a table and chair
3-position backrest
5-point safety harness
Removable washable seatpad
Fashion colours may change during  the course of the year


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