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Breast Pump Manual – Natural

The Philips AVENT has an award-winning design that imitates your baby’s suckling pattern
The result – more milk faster and more naturally than with any other manual breast pump
Express [...]

Breast Pump Soft & Easy – Manual

1.Shaped for an optimal fit; pleasant massage sensation
2.Ideal for expressing excess milk prior to breastfeeding
3.Wide base for stability
4.Can be used as a feeding bottle, using NUK STANDARD [...]

Breast Shell – Ventilated

1.Protects sensitive or sore nipples
2.Collects excess breast milk

2 breast milk collection shells
2 shells to protect sore or cracked nipples
2 silicone pad insets

Chicco Glass Nipple corrector

The Chicco Glass Nipple Corrector offers a mother positive support during the dificult period of breastfeeding.
It is easy to use and gently stimulates the extension of flat or [...]

City Style Breastpump Cooler Bag

1. For all breastfeeding Mothers while on the go.
2. Fashionable handbag containing the perfect system to cool, store and transport expressed breastmilk and your Medela Breastpump
3. Includes [...]

e-Motion Electric Breast Pump (Duologic)

1.Efficient: dual-phase pumping rhythm
2.Individual: infinitely adjustable suction strength
3.Soothing: ergonomically-shaped breast shield
4.compatible with all NUK FIRST CHOICE Anti-Colic wide-necked bottles

The NUK e-MOTION’s electric, dual-phase pumping system is modelled [...]

Electric Breast Pump

Introducing natural feel expression – mimics baby’s natural feeding action
Soft silicone cup for maximum comfort and perfect fit
Adjustable settings – low, medium and high for efficient expression
Pack [...]

Introducing the SoftFlex™ Breast Size Nipple

The new Breast Size Nipples are designed to make breast-feeding and bottle feeding work better together
By mimicking the natural shape, feel, and function of a mother’s breast
the Breast [...]

Manual Breast Pump

Soft touch, flexible cup for perfect fit
Only three parts – easy to clean and assemble
BPA free
Pack includes everything you need to start expressing and feeding

Medela Contact™Nipple Shields

Provide support when breastfeeding with sore, cracked, flat or inverted nipples
Special contour for baby to stay in contact with mom’s familiar smell
Comfortable – made of ultra thin, soft [...]

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