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Baby Einstein Take Along Discovery Cards Toy

Introduce baby to shapes, numbers, letters and discover rs through every day objects! The Baby Einstein Take Along Discovery Cards include language discovery in English, French, and Spanish, along [...]

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Introduces baby to shapes, numbers, letters and colors through everyday objects.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Toy

Baby Einstein’s Take Along Tunes music player features seven classical melodies recreated just for little ears! Large, easy-to-push buttons trigger playback of quality-sounding masterpieces from Chopin, Mozart, and more. As [...]

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Baby’s own “MP3 Player”!

Baby Einstein Teether-pillar Toy

It’s a tried and true way to soothe baby’s sore gums! Teether-pillar is a water-filled teether that can be chilled in the refrigerator to add extra soothing relief to baby’s [...]

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Adorable caterpillar character teether adds extra relief to tender gums when chilled

Baby Sense Book Range

The Baby Sense series includes five of South Africa’s best loved baby care books. The range covers calming, sleep, feeding and development strategies for babies from birth to four years [...]

Baby Soft Singing Phone

This pink toy mobile phone with soft fabric has been specially designed for role-play fun while developing baby’s senses. Non-breakable mirror promotes self-awareness, mixture of fabric and plastic invites tactile [...]

Baby: Bubble Fun Musical Octopus

It’s bubble time! Octobubble Orchestra is a fun interactive toy that features bubble blowing technology.

Introduces shapes, colours, sea animals and instruments through fun melodies, sing-along songs and phrases. Pressing a [...]

Baby: Light Up Chameleon

Bend the chameleon’s head and tail to learn and play! Your child will have a great time with the Light-up Chameleon! The more children bend and shake the chameleon’s head [...]

Baby: Musical Tambourine

Shake to the beat with the Twinkle & Learn Tambourine. Learn 1-2-3 and listen to fun tunes by pressing the big star shaped button and shaking the tambourine!

There are three [...]

Baby: Puppy Trumpet

The Toot-Toot Trumpet is a fun musical toy that will keep your baby entertained for hours!

Watch the light-up music buttons flash along to great trumpet melodies, learn Do-Re-Mi and colours [...]

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