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My Poppie

People tell me daily that she looks just like a porcelain doll, from the day she was born. She smiles ...
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My miracle 29 week preemie

This is my son Rhys & he was born at 29 weeks on the 12th March 2018, weighing only 1000g ...
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Baby Hlelo

At 18 months the Happy Birthday song is his favourite song ever. I hope this is not a sign that ...
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Awsome Yatisang

Baby Yatisang our prince charming, was born the 11th of April. He brings joy in our home ...
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God’s glory

This is my little glory from God, Nkazimulo born on the 23 February 2018. So much joy he has brought ...
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Zayen (Dr McCutie)!

I am Zayen, born 31 October 2017. Being cute is my speciality ☺. I also provide loads of entertainment to ...
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My beautiful little princess

My princess after church fotoshoot moments ...
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my wife 20170919_095120

my boys

Our handsome guys is one precious gem. with there bubbly and joyful personalities brings so much of joy in our ...
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Our Loveable Leo Nazaaha

A true Leo for sure lol! Throws tantrums when she can't have her way expresses herself and doesn't accept any ...
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My Joelie Boy

My punchie boy is 14 months old. He was born on the 27 December 2016. He started walking from 10 ...
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Aaleyah was born 01/12/2016 at St. Augustine hospital, weight 3.68kg and 51cm. the most precious little angel I have ever ...
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baby Enzokuhle coming soon

My angel is coming joys from both me and his dad we are both happy and ready for her ...
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