Avent Breastmilk Storage Cups

Avent Breastmilk Storage Cups


Breastmilk Storage Cups

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Store breast milk securely, with leak proof lid. Express, store and feed your breast milk efficiently, with our new storage cup. Sterilize and re-use the storage cup with the Philips AVENT pump or teats-one system, many options. Leak proof lid.
For safe storage and transport Write-on cups and lids
– To track easy dates & contents Stackable cups and lids
– To track easily dates and contents
– An organized fridge & freezer Maximal convenience.
Convenient adaptors included
– One system- many options.
For use in fridge and freezer. Easy to use and clean. This product is BPA Free
Breast milk storage cups Set. Leak proof lid. Creates a secure seal for safe storage and transport. Write-on cups and lids. To track easily dates and contents. For easy storage. Stackable cups and lids. For an organized fridge and freezer. Convenient adaptors included.
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