Evo Comfort Globber

EVO COMFORT 3-wheel scooter for kids comes with the widest and longest seat in the EVO family and a seat support bar which moves the seat up and backwards at the same time, for maximum comfort.
Available in Navy Blue or Deep Pink

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Extra-wide seat for outstanding comfort.

This toddler scooter offers 3 seat heights to easily adapt to your child’s development. 4-height adjustable scooter for maximum usability. EVO COMFORT has a 4-height adjustable T-bar to become the ultimate 3-wheel scooter suitable for children up to 9+.


  • Battery Free LED light up wheels
  • Durable Grips
  • Adjustable T-Bar
  • Sturdy Seat Support Bar
  • Extra-Wide Seat
  • High-Quality Light-up Wheels
  • Patented steering lock button
  • Removable footrest
  • Robust Deck – Supports up to 50kgs

Available in Navy Blue or Deep Pink