My precious boy was born on the 7th April 2018, he enjoys bath time, listening to me sing to him and playtirme… Such a delight to be around, always smiling and laughing

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Zoe Isabella Mia was born at 1.2kgs. Her first name Zoe is Hebrew and means Life. Six weeks later Zoe Isabella is a whooping 3kgs. She enjoys long baths and naps. She loves to hear sweet words and responds to her mum at only 1 month 2 weeks. Looking at her beautiful brown Beady eyes […] > View article

By Sister Lilian for Baby City’s website It’s important that expectant moms arebattle-ready for cold and flu season. While colds and flu generally aren’t risky for Mom or Baby, but they need to be treated to avoid secondary infections. Yet many medications can’t be used during pregnancy! Here’s Sister Lilian’s natural approach to three common […] > View article