Keep your little ones safe from sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer with the latest know-how and advice. Did you know that moderate exposure to sunlight is actually very healthy? Benefits of moderate sunlight include: Gives the skin a healthy glow Improves stamina, fitness and muscular development Helps to boost the immune system and […] > View article

Don’t say you wish your baby came with a manual, because here it is! Get the first week right and the rest will follow a lot more easily. The first few moments of life with a baby are magical. All you want to do is gaze at and touch this little being, drink in every […] > View article

These six tips will help you have the most special of all birthdays; the one when you welcome your baby into the world. Preparation, preparation, preparation Read as much about birth as you can, be aware of all your birth options so that you choose the one that best suits you, and draw up a […] > View article

A perfect pregnancy If you’re an expectant mom, you can’t take any chances when it comes to your health – after all, you’re growing a whole new life! These tips from the Sister Lilian Centre will help you to stay fit as a fiddle during pregnancy, leading the way to a healthy baby and a […] > View article

Finding balance while being a partner, parent, and friend is not easy; that’s why we asked writer and very busy professional Marjorie Arnold to share her self-care thoughts with readers. To start off, we need to understand what self-care is, what it entails and how to practise it. Self-care may be the new buzzword and […] > View article

Did you know that of all the concerns parents have, sleep – or more correctly, lack of it – tops the list? It’s no surprise, really; sleep deprivation is a well-recognised form of torture! Right from the start we need to tell you that there’s no ‘magic’ way to make a baby sleep exactly when, […] > View article

Babywearing involves carrying a baby around with you, on your body, either in a wrap, sling, or carrier. The word ‘babywearing’ may be new to you, but the practice itself is anything but. In fact, babywearing has been used by parents and caregivers for centuries, in almost every culture around the world. Like a protective […] > View article

It should be easy as pie! There really is no need for a fuss, or fighting, when it comes to feeding babies and toddlers, and parents do not need to be nutritional specialists to get it right. The main reasons why feeding causes so much anxiety are: Maternal instinct and common sense are doubted Professional […] > View article

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been and still is a challenging time for everyone. This may be especially true for new mothers who are breastfeeding. The good news is that breast milk is still the food of choice for babies and is still recommended during the pandemic. Researchers are carefully investigating the effects of the COVID-19, […] > View article

‘Daycare disease’ needs no explaining – every parent with a little one in crèche can relate! It’s a well-known fact that when a baby or toddler is cared for in a crèche or similar group facility, she is more prone to becoming ill often. When bugs abound There are a number of reasons for this. […] > View article

Her name is Nadine Franchesca Hanslow. Born 31 January 2019. Shes a miracle baby. She complete the picture of my family. A blessing indeed. A joyful baby ever smilling . Most interesting thing is she love daddy more than me her mom. Shes just 10 months old but sometimes shes keeping it big. She love […] > View article

We can walk talk smile laugh play dance

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He is everything i want and more.. He is more than just my Prince he is my life. I almost didn’t get to meet him and he almost didn’t get to see his mother. He loves taking picture although hes not always aware it being taken. He loves playing with his hands. Just wish he […] > View article

Baby Amo loves the outdoor, lazing in his stroller and listening to mommy singing him lullaby songs.

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Grandpa Chris Kirstein holding baby Zandri van den Berg for the first time! The loving bond they share instantly, probably planning their hunting trips already!

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Carlo is a happy baby

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