Choosing the right pram

    • Will it suit my lifestyle?
      If you do a lot of walking, you’ll need a sturdy model with good suspension. If you rely on public transport, size, weight and portability are essential considerations. Check how quick and easy it is to fold for catching a bus or negotiating a flight of stairs. Bear in mind that if you live in the countryside or do a lot of walking you will need something more robust than if you travel mainly by car


    • How well designed is it?
      Try to see beyond the pretty fabrics and cosy finishes. Instead examine the design, quality and innovative features


    • Will this be your only pushchair?
      Are you hoping it will suit your baby from newborn until he no longer needs a pushchair or are you planning to buy a second buggy when he’s older?


    • What does the guarantee cover?
      Find out what sort of guarantee your pram or pushchair carries and how easy it is to get repairs done. Check if your retailer will lend you something while yours is being repaired


    • Ask for a full demonstration
      Some pushchairs and prams can be very complicated to put up and down before you get used to them. Try folding and unfolding it yourself, putting on any attachments and giving it a push around the shop


    • Is the instruction manual clear?
      Some are badly written and hard to follow, particularly those from other countries which have been translated into English


    • How big is it, folded and unfolded?
      Will it fit in the boot of your car? Will it fit through an average-sized door?