Baby Sense Winter Sleepy Sac


Generous fit with bell-shaped design to allow free movement.

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SLEEP Babies who are warm at night sleep longer and better. Many babies kick off their blankets during the night resulting in waking in the early hours of the morning when the room and body temperature drops. Prevent early morning wakings due to coldness by keeping your baby’s room at an optimal temperature of about 21°C / 70°F and by using a sleeping bag. Increase or reduce layers of clothing according to your room temperature. Refer to the Sleeping Bag warmth chart. SAFETY Overheating and suffocation by loose blankets are two of the significant risk factors for SIDS (cot death). Using a 100% cotton sleeping bag instead of duvets or polyester blankets limits this risk. The Sleeping Bag is made of 100% cotton, and has no polyester fill. BEDTIME ROUTINE Your baby will associate getting into his sleeping bag as part of his bedtime routine. The familiarity and bed time routine will help your little one settle quicker in new environments such as when on holiday.