Chicco Silicone Air Soother 4m+ 2 Pieces "Blue"

Chicco Silicone Air Soother 4m+ 2 Pieces “Blue”


The Chicco Physio Air soother has the orthodontic teat that clips neatly into the palate of the child. With additional air holes to avoid saliva stagnation, the gorgeous fashion plates are available in a variety of designs.

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The new Physio Air Soother respects the baby’s skin, thanks to the several ventilation holes to ensure air circulation, preventing irritation due to saliva gathering and keeping skin free to breathe.
´ The Chicco Physio Comfort Soother has ACTIVE Teat that favours the correct development of the baby’s mouth due to the following features:
Tiny Ridges, Groove and angled shape: Encourages the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth.
Teat Shape: Favours the correct development of the palate, correctly distributing the pressure of the tongue over the entire palate
Ultra-Slim and soft base: promotes optimal closure of the mouth.
´ Ergonomic shape: it fits baby’s face and ensures the correct space for the chin and the nose; with security ring.
´ Anti-irritation holes: studies were done to ensure maximum air circulation.
´ Rounded edges: they lay gently on the baby’s skin