Chicco Silicone Comfort Soother 4m+ "Pink"

Chicco Silicone Comfort Soother 4m+ “Pink”


A gentle soother that provides maximum comfort

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Comfortable and gentle, it offers maximum freedom The new Physio Air Comfort soother has been designed with a special shape to offer maximum freedom to the baby, during suction movements, providing maximum comfort
´ The Chicco Physio Comfort Soother has ACTIVE Teat that favours the correct development of the baby’s mouth due to the following features:
Tiny Ridges, Groove and angled shape: Encourages the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth.
Teat Shape: Favours the correct development of the palate, correctly distributing the pressure of the tongue over the entire palate
Ultra-Slim and soft base: promotes optimal closure of the mouth.
´ Extra Ergonomic shape: it ensures the maximum space for the chin and the nose, facilitating breathing and movement. Integrated security ring.
´ Only 4 convex contact surfaces: for gentleness on baby’s skin
´ Suspended Teat: the area at the base of the teat is wide and well-spaced from the baby’s mouth, in order to allow room for natural movements of the lips during sucking movements