Chicco Sterilnatural Electric 3-in-1 Steriliser

Chicco Sterilnatural 2-in-1 Steriliser


Electric steriliser that uses the properties of steam to gently and effectively clean all known household germs. Can also be used for pacifiers, teethers and toys.

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´ Practical and effective sterilisation.
´ Adjustable in size, it is possible to choose from three configurations: Full size – Electric; Compact – Electric and Microwave
´ Depending on the number of items you need sterilised you can adjust the size of the steriliser.
´ Fast and easy to use: Sterilises in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded)
´ Effective Sterilisation: kill 99.9% of harmfull household germs
´ 24 hour protection: As long as the lid is closed, the objects will remain disinfected for 24 hours
´ Compatible: Compatible with all Chicco feeding bottles, breast pump and Chicco accessories
´ Can sterilise up to a maximum of 6 feeding bottles