Register Your Baby Shower

Baby Steps to register your Baby Shower

Step 1.
Go to your favourite Baby City store and ask to see the
store manager.

Step 2.
The store manager will ask you to fill out your details, as well as the date of your baby shower (your proposed date!).

Step 3.
The fun part! Now you can walk around the store selecting
the gifts that you would like to be placed in your baby shower basket. If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask one of our helpful store assistants.

Step 4.
The Baby City store manager will now give you a unique reference number for your baby shower basket selection. Pass this number out to all your family and friends, inviting them to any Baby City store in order to choose a gift from your baby shower basket or from your list.

Step 5.
From here on it’s up to your family and friends, who should
go to your selected Baby City store and request your basket or to any Baby City store, quote your basket reference number, and select their gifts for you!

Step 6.
Once your Baby Shower has taken place, the store
manager will call you to find out if you would like to
purchase the remaining items (if there are any).

PS. Please remember that the baskets can only function for three weeks prior to the baby shower taking place. Thereafter the products will need to be replaced on the shelves. Kindly bear this in mind when you come in to select your products for your baby shower.